Scheduled Maintenance Programs on Your Pavement Can Double the Life of Your Asphalt

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Proper Sealcoating Protects Against Oxidation, Moisture, Chemicals, Freezing and Thawing

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Sealcoating Helps Prevent Cracking of Pavement by Reducing These Harmful Conditions

Protect-O-Seal lot maintenance Protect your commercial asphalt lot with maintenance and repair »

When mixed with silica sand provides a skid resistant surface that
also increases the lifespan of the sealer.

Beautifies your property.

Allows for easier and more cost effective clean up and
maintenance of your asphalt.

Protect-O-Seal Uses These High Grade Materials:

Protect-O-Seal is a distributor of Sealmaster coal tar concentrated pavement sealer, a clay-stabilizing, fuel resistant emulsion.  We purchase sealer in bulk truckload containers and store on site in our storage tanks, allowing us to pass along savings to our customers.

Sealmaster coal tar pavement sealer meets specification ASTM D 5727, ASTM D 490, ASTM D 3320-74T, FAA P627 and FAA P628.


Used to increase the durability of coal tar sealer.  Additives  increase the resistant to fuels and other chemicals and help suspend solid particles