Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair

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Commercial parking lot maintenance is an ideal way to avoid paying thousands in blacktop resurfacing costs. Protect-O-Seal’s asphalt maintenance and repair program addresses wear and tear, including cracks, pavement raveling, potholes, and more. As a premier provider of pavement upkeep services in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio since 1985, we know how to minimize customer and tenant inconvenience while repair work is in progress.

Our commercial lot repair and preservation also provides preventative options to reduce the occurrence of parking lot issues. This alone may help your business save hundreds of thousands in repair or replacement costs over the life of your lot.

First impressions matter, and the parking lot is the most obvious tell for any clients or customers. Maintaining the condition of your asphalt will help extend its life, improve the ascetic appearance of your business or tenants, and indicate the property is maintained.

Parking Lot Maintenance Options:

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