Crack Filling

Cleveland Asphalt & Concrete Crack Repair Services

The Most Economical Way to Increase the Life of Your Pavement

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Since our inception in 1985, Protect-O-Seal has been emphasizing the importance of crack filling in asphalt and concrete surfaces.

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Crack filling increases the life span of your pavement  by minimizing surface water penetration. Crack filling is the most economical way to increase the lifespan of your pavement.

Protect-O-Seal only uses the best premium materials to seal your cracks:

Dura-Fill 3405 is a premium joint and crack filing compound for use on Portland cement and asphaltic pavement that remains flexible to -20°  F.

Dura-Fill is a hot applied self leveling crack sealant, comprised of; resins, polymeric rubber, plasticizers and reinforcing fibers.  Dura-Fill3405, remains flexible in cold temperature, making it ideal for the constant freeze-thawing cycles of the northeast Ohio winters, while resists tracking in warm temperatures.

Dura-Fill meets the following specifications:

ASTM-D3405                                        Exceeds:           ASTM –D1190

AASHTO-M301 Type II & III                                       AASHTO-M173

AASHTO-M301                                                            Fed Spec. SS-S-1401


Material is carefully heated in an oil jacket double boiler melter.

Equipped with agitator and temperature controls to insure the material is applied at the proper temperature, between 370-390° F.